Join as a Sanctioned Event!

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What is a sanctioned event?
Sanctioned events are a wonderful way for your organization to partner with the Abbeville Spring Festival for promotion. 

What qualifies?
Sanctioned events are held in and around the Spring Festival which will be May 6th - 14th of this year.  Any event taking place within the festival event area must be an accepted sanctioned event. They are led by other organizations/promoters but hold the sale values and integrity as the festival.  Sanctioned event proposals will be reviewed before acceptance, but we are always excited to hear new ideas and ways to work together with local organizations and businesses.

Why should I become a sanctioned event?
Well we think being a sanctioned event is a great thing for the community, but if you need more than that, sanctioned events receive:
~ permission for use of Spring Festival Logo on all advertising and promotional materials (requests to produce other retail, promotional, or specialty items using the Festival name and logo must receive written permission from the City of Abbeville)
~ inclusion in festival materials including website, press releases, and official publications
~ event mentions as official festival event on social media accounts