Items the City Does Not Collect

Example of Tires

  • Construction and demolition waste whether left by property owner or hired contractor (unless paid arrangement has been made with the City)                    
  • Eviction materials (unless paid arrangement has been made with the City)               
  • Waste from professional tree trimmers, landscapers and tree surgeons                 
  • Waste or litter resulting from vehicle accident or collision                     
  • Industrial waste                
  • Small or large dead animals                        
  • Animal and agricultural waste                     
  • Sewage treatment residues               
  • Tires, oil, undrained oil filters, vehicle batteries, solvents and chemicals (including paint)         
  • Limbs over six inches in diameter or six feet long, and stumps except as provided for in subsection 16-7(c)          
  • Electronics including, but not limited to, computers computer monitors, computer printers, televisions, DVRs, VCRs, DVD player/recorders and Blu-Ray player/recorders