Residential Garbage Collection

Keeping our City Clean! 

The City of Abbeville Solid Waste Division strives to provide fair services for all its residents while maintaining an optimal City operation. To improve the City’s initiative to keep our community clean, we are providing the following information to familiarize our residents with the City’s rules for use of roll carts. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in an enforceable violation. 

Contact the Public Works Department at 864-366-4636 for questions related to your day of service.

Please check the listing of List of Items the City Does Not Collect before placing in a roll cart or on the curb. Any items not collected by the City may be taken to your nearest Abbeville County Convenience center. 

Roll Cart Procedures

How Are Sanitation Charges Billed?

  • City of Abbeville fees for garbage collection and transportation to the landfill appear on the resident’s utility bill
  • Abbeville County places a fee on the resident’s County tax notice to cover the processing of waste materials at the County landfill