Since 1905, Abbeville Public Utilities has proudly provided reliable utility services to the residents of Abbeville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to quality service and care.
Commercial Rates & Policies


SCHEDULE “G” - Small Commercial Electric
$15.75 ....................................... BASIC FACILITY CHARGE  plus
   0.1414 cents per kWh + PPCA for the first 500 kWh used per month
   0.1628 cents per kWh + PPCA for the next 700 kWh used per month
   0.1312 cents per kWh + PPCA for the next 1,800 kWh used per month
   0.1200 cents per kWh + PPCA for the next 4,000 kWh used per month
   0.0993 cents per kWh + PPCA for all over 7,000 kWh used per month

A Public Power Cost Adjustment (PPCA) factor is used to adjust electric rates monthly due to fluctuations in the cost of our wholesale power supply. The PPCA will be calculated as follows: 

PPCA = ((Pm+LF+Tu)/Sm) - Base Rate 

PPCA = Purchased Power Cost Adjustment factor in dollars per kWh rounded to nearest one thousandth of a cent applicable to bills rendered during the current Billing Period. 

Pm = Total estimated Applicable Purchased Power costs. 

LF = Amount required each month of the estimated calendar year in order to bring each month's estimated purchased power cost to an wqual cost/kWh. The total monthly levelization amounts for the full calendar year shall equal zero. 

Sm = Energy sales, excluding lighting usage for the projected billing period. 

Base Rate = $0.07379 

Tu = [Sn-2 X (PPCAn-2 + Base Rate)] – [(Pn-2 + TUn-2)]


Sn-2 = Total system sales (kWh) excluding street lights from second preceding month 

Pn-2 = Actual Purchased Power Cost for the second preceding month, including the Levelization Factor

PPCAn-2 = Purchased Power Cost Adjustment factor in dollars per kWh rounded to nearest one thousandth of a cent applicable to bills rendered during the second preceding billing month

TUn-2 = True-up for the second preceding billing month


SCHEDULE “S” - Standard Lighting Service:

Light Monthly Charge
SL1 - 100 Watt - no pole $7.83
SL2 - 100 Watt - with pole $8.89
SL3 - 250 cobra - no pole $12.34
SL4 - 250 cobra - with pole $13.16
FL1/MF1 - 400 Watt Flood - no pole $26.46
FL2/MF2 - 400 Watt Flood - with pole $28.26
FL3 - 250 Watt Flood - no pole $19.30
FL4 - 250 Watt Flood - with pole $21.06
SPT - Spotlight $14.48


Other Charges: 

Electric Meter - Charge if damaged due to tampering $75.00
Electric Meter Box $50.00
Surge Protector $50.00
UG Electrical Service - Trench up to 100' $50.00
UG Electrical Service - Trench per ft. over 100' $1.00
UG Electrical Service - Secondary cable per ft. $2.40
UG Electrical Service - Primary cable per ft. $2.50
Temporary Service Fee - Nonrefundable $50.00
Early Pay Discount by 10th of each month  4% of Charges
Early Pay Discount Senior by 10th of each month 6% of Charges


Availability - Available to commercial or small industrial customers served through one meter located entirely on a single, contiguous premises. All temporary Services will be billed on this rate.

Type of Service - The Utility will furnish 60 cycle service through one meter at one delivery point at one of the following voltages:

Single phase, 120/240 volts
Three phase, 120/240 volts
Three phase , 120/208 “Y” volts
Other combinations at company option

Deposits - A commercial service deposit will be required on all commercial service.

Payment Due - Bills under this schedule are due and payable on or before the twenty-fifth of each month following the date the bill was rendered. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, bills are due the last business day before the 25th.
Disconnection for Non-Payment of Bills - All utility services are subject to disconnection if utility bills are not paid by the due date. Disconnection can begin any time after the 25th of the month.

Reconnection after Disconnection for Non-Payment - Payment of the past due amount including the 5% penalty and $20.00 service charge must be made at the Public Utility office during normal business hours. Payment must be made before 3:00 PM for same day reconnection. Otherwise, an additional $30 same day fee is required or services will be reconnected the following business day. 
Finance Charge - A 5 percent finance charge and a $20.00 service charge shall be applied to the unpaid balance of the total utility bill after the 25th of the month following the date the bill was rendered.

Additional Load - Any electrical load of 5,000 watts and above must be approved by the Utility before installation.

Temporary Service - For use during construction temporary service will be provided for a $50.00 connection fee. The customer must provide a suitable structure of sufficient height to provide code clearance for the service cable. The meter will be provided and installed by the Utility.

Damage to Customer’s Property - The Utility is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to the buildings, motors, fixtures or other property of the customer due to lightning, wiring defects, equipment failures or other causes not due to the negligence of the Utility. The customer must provide any devices necessary to protect his property. The Utility will exercise reasonable diligence to furnish electrical service to the customer but does not guarantee freedom from interruption of service. The Utility reserves the right to temporarily interrupt service to make repairs or improvements to the system.