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Sewer Rates & Policies

 Effective 11/1/2019

Monthly Usage (Gallons) Inside City Outside City
0-4000 $4.04 per 1,000 $7.25 per 1,000
4001-8000 $4.61 per 1,000 $8.29 per 1,000
Over 8001 $5.01 per 1,000 $9.01 per 1,000


Maximum monthly residential sewer usage charge is 12,000 Gallons.

Facility charges based upon meter size will be applied to total volume charges as follows:


Meter Size (Meters) AWWA Equivalency Factor

Inside City

Outside City

3/4"  1.0 $15.16 $27.30
1"  2.5 $37.92 $68.24
1 ½"  5.0 $75.84 $136.50
2"   8.0  $121.35   $218.39
3"  16.0 $242.69  $436.77
4"  25.0  $379.20  $682.47
6" 50.0 $758.41 $1312.42
8" 80.0 $1213.45 $2183.85



Summer Sewer Bill Cap
Residential customers, upon request, may be billed for sewer usage equal to their average sewer usage over the previous five month period to offset increased summer lawn irrigation and pool refilling. This sewer billing average will be in effect for five summer months (normally on bills due in June, July, August, September, & October). Call the Abbeville Public Utilities office to request this billing.


Connection Size Inside City Outside City
4"   $500.00  $675.00
6"  $600.00  $800.00
8" $800.00  $1,200.00

For a 6" or 8" tap requiring the setting of a manhole, the cost shall be the tap fee plus actual labor and material costs. Connection fees will be charged to all new sewer services. 




Application for Service - Applications for sewer service must be made at the offices of the Abbeville Public Utilities. All connection fees and deposits must be made before tapping any public sewer line.

Sewer Service Lines - The customer is responsible for installing sewer service lines from the building to the city sewer main. Connections shall be made with a tapping saddle. Connection to the city sewer main shall be made by a plumber licensed by the City of Abbeville.

Materials, Workmanship and Specifications - All sewer service lines shall be installed in accordance with the City Plumbing Code.

Inspection - All new sewer service lines must be inspected by the Utilities Department prior to backfilling the ditch. Call the Abbeville Public Utilities office for an inspection. 

Permits - The customer is responsible for obtaining any permits required for cutting City or Highway Department streets.

Street Cut Fee - Anyone cutting a City of Abbeville street for the installation of a water or sewer line will pay a fee of $100. All street cuts will be backfilled with fresh dirt and tamped every 10 inches.

Backflow Damage - The utility is not responsible for any damage to a customer’s property caused by a stoppage in the City’s sewer lines. Customers must install backflow devices on their service lines to prevent sewage from backing into buildings if plumbing overflow outlets are lower than the overflow elevations of manholes on the city’s sewer lines.

Septic Tank Trucks - All septic tank truck waste must meet EPA requirements and the City of Abbeville’s Sewer Pre-Treatment ordinance.

Existing Sewer Service Lines - Any abandoned service line will be plugged with concrete and will not be re-used until it has been inspected to insure that it meets the requirements of the current City Plumbing Code.
Sewer Pre-Treatment Ordinance - The city has adopted sewer pretreatment ordinance number 12-95 and all sewer operations must comply. Any questions should be directed to the utilities director.

Inadmissible Wastes - The following materials shall not be discharged into the City sewer lines:

1. Storm water, roof run-off, surface drainage or cooling water.
2. Gasoline, cleaning solvents, fuel oil, lube oil, or any other hydrocarbons.
3. Metal, glass, wood ashes, sand, stone, or cinders.
4. Mineral oils, paint, tar, plastics, or other viscous substances.
5. Rags, cotton or synthetic fibers, feathers, hair, straw, animal flesh and paunch manure.
6. Unground garbage, cooking oil, grease or fats.
7. Toxic, explosive or corrosive substances.
8. Acetylene sludges or septic tank sludge.
9. Radioactive materials.
10. Any substance which will obstruct the flow of sewage or  impair the operations of the wastewater treatment facilities.

Discontinuance of Service - Sewer service will be disconnected for failure to pay bills by the due date or any violation of these Sewer Service Policies.