Since 1905, Abbeville Public Utilities has proudly provided reliable utility services to the residents of Abbeville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to quality service and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where is your office located and what are your office hours?
A.  306 Cambridge Street in Abbeville. Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Visit cable TV channel 2 for updates or closings.

Q.  How do I apply for new service and what are the requirements?
A.  Customers are required to apply in person at our office. We require a deposit based on your credit rating. Please bring proof of identity (current picture ID) and your social security number.

If renting, we have a form that must be completed by your landlord. You may download and print the application and landlord forms off the link on the right side of this screen if you want to complete them before coming to our office.

Q.  How long does it take for new service?
A.  Normally, we can connect service the same day if you apply before 12 Noon and the lines are already on the property. If you apply after 12 Noon, then it may be the next business day before we connect service. It can take longer if we have to install lines and meter(s). Properties that have NOT had electricity on within the past six months requires an inspection from Abbeville County.

Q.  When is the bill due?
A.  Payment is due by the 25th of every month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, then payment is due the last business day BEFORE the 25th.

Q.  What are my payment options?
A.  Payments can be made online, by bank draft, by mail, by credit card (in the office or by telephone), and in person at the office or drive thru at 306 Cambridge Street. We also have a drop box beside the drive thru window for after hour payments (you must include your account number - NO CASH).

Q.  When are my payments posted?
A.  Payments are posted daily. Payments put in the drop box after 8:00 AM will be posted the NEXT business day.

Q.  When do you cutoff for non payment?
A.  Cutoff for non-payment can begin anytime after the 25th of the month.

Q.  If my account is past due, can I pay online?
A.  No. Please come to the office at 306 Cambridge St or call 864-366-5058 during normal office hours to pay the past due amount to prevent possible disconnection since it can take up to 48 hours for online payments to be processed.

Q.  If my account is already off for non-payment, can I pay online to be reconnected?
A.  No. Please come to our office or call 864-366-5058 during normal office hours to pay the amount due to be reconnected. 

Q.  What happens to my deposit?
A.  Your deposit stays on your utility account until it is closed unless you move to another location and continue to have services with us. In this case, we will transfer your deposit to your new account. If you close your account and no longer have services with us, we will apply your deposit to the account. If the account has a credit balance after the final bill is processed, The City of Abbeville will mail a refund for the credit balance.

Q.  How do I terminate services and close my account?
A.  We must receive written notification to close an account. Please come to our office to sign a service order for termination of services. 

Or if you prefer, you can fax, mail, or email written notification to close an account. It must include the account number, service address, forwarding address, and date you want the utilities disconnected. If you choose one of these methods, please call the office to confirm we received your written documentation. YOU are responsible for all utilities used at the service location until we receive written permission to close the account.

Q.  Why does my bill vary from month to month?
A.  One reason is seasonal use. Spring and fall bills are usually lower than summer and winter bills. Summer heat usually causes increased usage of air conditioners. Winter usage may increase due to heating your home, increased indoor cooking and dryer usage, and lights are left on for longer periods of time due to shorter daytime hours. 

Another reason is because the number of days vary between meter readings (which is indicated on your bill). We try to keep the number of days close to an average of 30. However, the number of days can fluctuate due to circumstances such as holidays, weekends, and inclement weather.

And bills can vary due to a malfunctioning appliance or water leak.

Q.  Why is my neighbor’s bill so much higher or lower than mine?
A.  No two families will use the exact same usage. Many factors cause differences in usage. Some of these factors include the age of the home, the size of the home, the type of heating/cooling unit, the type of water heater, the efficiency of appliances, the type and amount of insulation and windows in a home. Personal comfort levels can vary greatly, and since most energy is consumed from heating and cooling, the thermostat settings can be a major factor. For example, some people set their thermostat and don’t change it for the entire season while others move the thermostat up and down.  The number of people in a home can effect usage by more electronics, hair dryers being used, more baths or showers being used, and more clothes being washed and dried, etc.

Q.  What is the difference between the “Amount Due Before the 10th” and the “Amount Due After the 10th” that is printed on my monthly bill?
A.  We offer a discount for residential electric customers who pay early. If we receive payment On or Before the 10th of the month, we offer a discount off the electric charges. 

If not paying in-person, please allow several days for the post office, your bank, or paypal (when paying online) to send your payment to us by the 10th.

Q.  Does my bill go up in December and January to pay for the city’s Christmas lights?
A.  No. You are only billed for electricity that goes from your meter box to your personal property. No costs are added to the bills in December and January to pay for the Christmas lights.

Q.  Who do I call for an after hours emergency?
A.  Call (864)366-5677.  Please do NOT call this number if utilities are off for non-payment; you need to contact the office during normal business hours.

Q.  Who do I call regarding trash pickup?
A.  Call Abbeville Public Works at (864) 366-4636

Q.  How can I save money on my electric bills?
A.  Abbeville Public Utilities offers residential customers an online resource, Energy Depot®, to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Energy Depot is your one-stop resource for energy information and it’s available free. Click the icon below to learn more about Energy Depot.