Since 1905, Abbeville Public Utilities has proudly provided reliable utility services to the residents of Abbeville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to quality service and care.

Energy Depot® Helps Customers Manage Home Energy Costs
Abbeville Public Utilities is pleased to offer you Energy Depot®, a set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Learn more about Energy Depot® HERE.

Avoid Service Disconnection with Third Party Notification
If you care for a relative, friend or client who could possibly overlook paying their utility bill because of illness, financial hardship, or other issues, Third-Party Notification can help. Under this program, the City of Abbeville will notify you or any other person designated as a third party when the customer is past due on his/her account.The designated person is not responsible for paying the bill, but can help the customer resolve the issue.