The Water Plant provides safe, potable water to the City of Abbevile service area for drinking, fire protection, and commerical and industrial uses. This is accomplished through a purification process, a water sampling and testing program to ensure water quality, pumping systems for raw water and treated water, and maintenance of a reservoir and tanks for water storage.

The Abbeville Water System is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Effective 11-1-2019

Monthly Usage (Gallons)Inside CityOutside City
0-4000$2.98 per 1,000$5.36 per 1,000
4001-8000$3.44 per 1,000$6.19 per 1,000
Over 8001$3.82 per 1,000$6.87 per 1,000



Meter Size (Meters)

AWWA Equivalency Factor

Inside City 
for Any Volume
Outside City
for Any Volume
3/4" 1.0$14.44 $26.00
1" 2.5$36.10$64.98
1 ½" 5.0$72.20$129.97
2"  8.0$115.52 $207.95
3" 16.0$231.05 $415.89
4" 25.0 $361.02  $649.83



Meter SizeInside CityOutside City
5/8" x 3/4" $440.00$740.00
1" x 1"



1 ½" x 1 ½"$680.00$940.00
Over 1 ½"    Material & Labor + $700.00Material & Labor + $1050.00



Inside City
Annual Fee
Outside City
Annual Fee
4"  $25.00 $37.50
6" $100.00 $150.00
8"$200.00 $300.00
12" $400.00$600.00



Lab - Bacteria Sample


Private Water Hauler 
Base Charge$15.00
Per 1,000 Gallons$3.00




Application for Service - Applications for service must be made at the Abbeville Public Utilities office at 306 Cambridge Street. All tapping charges, fees and deposits must be made before the service will be rendered.

Meters - Each individual building, living unit or mobile home will be metered. Master meters will not be used unless it is not feasible to install individual meters on each unit. If a master meter is used, each block of the water rate schedule shall be multiplied by the number of separate units served for billing purposes.

Permits - Customers shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary building and highway encroachment permits required to install the service. All permits must be obtained before service will be rendered.

Tap and Meter Size - The utility reserves the right to designate the proper size tap, service line and meter necessary to insure adequate service.

Customer’s Piping - All piping must comply with the City Plumbing Code. The customer is required to install his own cuton/cutoff valve. Cross connections between the City water supply and another supply are prohibited. An approved Backflow Prevention Device must be installed by the customer whenever water piping may permit back siphoning of sewage, contaminated water or any foreign substance into the City water supply lines. If a potential backflow hazard is found on a customer’s premises, service will be discontinued until the hazardous condition is corrected.

Deposits - A customer deposit is required for commercial and residential service. This deposit will stay on the customer's account until it is closed. Then it will be applied to the final bill.
Payment Due - Bills under this schedule are due and payable on or before the twenty-fifth of each month following the date the bill was rendered. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill is due the last business day before the 25th.

Delinquent Bills - Any bill past due is subject to be disconnected. Any service disconnected for non-payment will not be restored nor new service provided until all past due bills have been paid and all other indebtedness to the city has been paid or arrangements made for debts being in a delinquent or past due status. For bills paid on the 26th of the month or later a five (5) percent penalty and a $20.00 administrative charge will be added to the bill amount.

Meter Location - Water meters will be installed at the property edge or sidewalk nearest to the city water main. The service lines from the main to the meter and the meter itself will be installed and maintained by the utility. The service line from the meter to the building is the customer’s responsibility. The customer is required to have their own cuton/cutoff valve on their side of the meter.

Meter Tampering or Unauthorized Connections -The meter, meter box and “cut-off” valve are the property of the city and tampering is prohibited by City Ordinance. Any damage to city property will be billed to the customer at replacement cost. Any connection to any city utility property by unauthorized persons or tampering with a city meter will result in a $200.00 tampering fee.

Pressure - If less than normal city pressure is desired, it is the responsibility of the customer to install a pressure reducing valve on his supply line.
Interruptions of Service - The utility will exercise reasonable diligence to maintain the adequate and safe supply of water to the customer but cannot guarantee freedom from interruptions in service. The utility reserves the right to temporarily suspend service to make repairs or improvements to the system.

Access to Customer’s Premises - The utility shall have the right to enter upon the customer’s premises at all reasonable times for the following reasons:
1. To inspect and maintain the utility’s property located thereon.
2. To inspect for unsafe and hazardous conditions on the premises.
3. For any other purpose connected with the service of water to the customer.