Major Infrastructure Projects

The City of Abbeville’s Public Utilities and Public Works Departments both participate in a myriad of infrastructure upgrades from the roads and sidewalks to the City’s Electrical System.  The below projects are either recently completed, underway, or planned for the immediate future.

*Please note this list does not include the many smaller projects which take place each year.

Special Note: The City of Abbeville is pleased to share that it will be receiving a grant of $3,950,000  from the South Carolina Infrastructure Investment Program and Rural Infrastructure Authority for the Upper Long Cane Waterline Project.  This waterline will serve to create a system loop on the north end of the City, improve water quality, and replace some aging sections of waterline while also expanding the City’s water service footprint to aid in future economic development projects.  The City is proud to be a part of this major investment in infrastructure across the state.”

Current Projects

  • Upper Long Cane Waterline Project
  • Lowndesville Tie In Point
  • Opera House Streetscape
  • Maple, Standpipe, Brooks CTC Project
  • Long Branch Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Infrastructure Project Map:

Public Utilities

Past Projects


  • Henry-Hillcrest Waterline Project
  • North Main Waterline Project


  • McGowan Waterline Project

  • Additional Tie Ins to the New Vienna Street Substation

  • Hydro  Dam  Small Turbine Refurbishment 


  • Carbon Injection System at the City Water Plant

  • Mill Village Water Line Replacement



  • Hydro Dam Upgrades 

  • Wastewater Facility Upgrades


  • Repaving of Magazine, Chestnut, and Wilewood Streets 

  • City Parking lot behind the Belmont Inn

Parking Lot After


  • Completion of the Vienna Street Substation


  • Piedmont Tech/ Hwy. 72 Sewer Expansion



  • Electric System Upgrade



  • Water Plant Upgrade

Water Plant