Hospitality Fund Projects



Often monies from the Hospitality Fund have been used to match grants that the City would otherwise have not been able to apply for, for projects that would not have been possible without the Hospitality Fund.  Examples of this include Streetscaping Projects, Improvements to Wilson Hill Park, and planned upgrades to the Civic Center.

Some of the amazing projects this fund has made possible include:

Arts and Tourism

2020-2022 Abbeville Opera House Renovation:

Renovation included major updates to Sound/Lighting, Seating, Flooring, HVAC, Roof Work, etc.


The Livery Stable and Church Street Parking/Restroom Facility:


Livery Stable Before


Livery Stable After

Presently, the Livery Stable hosts 15-20 weddings per year with an estimated economic impact of $8,000 each; for a total economic impact of $120,000-$160,000. The Livery Stable also plays host to a number of other events from banquets to craft vendors.

Church Street Parking

Parking Behind the Belmont:


Parking lot Behind Belmont Before


Parking Lot After

The completion of the new City owned parking lot behind the Belmont Inn has created an additional 80+ parking spaces for Abbeville’s growing Downtown Business Community and Event Lineup, which hosts both local residents and tourist.

Historic Building Improvements:


Historic Building Before


Historic Building After

The Hospitality Fund has also paved the way for Small Business Grants such as the Historic District Building Improvement Grant which is awarded to one Property Owner in the Historic District each year.  This Grant Program is critical to ensuring the long term viability of many of Downtown Abbeville’s Historic Buildings which are a key component of Tourism Generation for the City.

Events and Festivals

The Hospitality Fund has also been critical to ensuring the successful operation and Growth of the Spring Festival, as well as the Hogs and Hens Festival; both of which have an enormous positive economic impact on Downtown Businesses and the City as a whole.  Funds are used for Festival Operation and to Market the City’s Festivals and Event Lineup.

Spring Festival

Drone Photo

Stage Area Full Night

Hogs and HensCraft Vendors

Smokin the City

Parks and Recreation

City Entrance Signage


Entrance Sign After


Entrance Sign After

The City is working to complete the installation of both entrance signage and Historic District Signage which will help to provide a welcoming first impression of our City to visitors.

Improvements to Wilson Hill Park

After: (No Before Photos readily Available)

Budget Cover

Untitled design (64)

Improvements to Wilson Hill Park include a covered picnic and event area, basketball courts, parking, and restroom facilities are planned for the Spring of 2020. 

Civic Center Improvements

Funding has also been set aside from Hospitality Revenues to fund the potential construction of a new Civic Center or upgrades/additions to the current facility.  The Abbeville Civic Center plays host to a number of events from Basketball Games, the Chamber Annual Banquet, National Night Out, in addition to a number of private event such as Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, and Receptions.


Coming Soon! E. Pickens Streetscape Project

Funds were used from the Hospitality Fund to match $400,000 in Grant funding from the DOT to facilitate a Streetscape Project which will take place on E. Pickens and wrap behind the Courthouse and Opera House on Clarence E. Pressley Ave. back up to Washington Street.

E. Pickens Streetscape

Other Smaller projects the Hospitality Fund has supported include:

Business Recruitment Programs

Facade Program

Square Brick Repairs

Streetscape Projects and more.  Full records are available by looking at previous year’s City Budgets available in the Finance Section of the City’s Website.