Large Investment Incentive

As delineated by City Ordinance, the City Manager will have the option to offer certain new businesses looking to locate to Abbeville an incentive.  By-law, this agreement will have a maximum lifespan of 7 years and the City Manager will have the option to set the agreement at the 7 year max or outline a shorter time frame for the agreement.  This provision will be restricted to businesses which:

  • Require Significant Start-Up Costs
  • Will have a “major” immediate economic impact on the Community
  • Will create at least 5 full time and 10 part time jobs by year 2 and maintain those positions for the lifetime of the agreement
  • Would not likely located to Abbeville otherwise

Moving forward it will be the intention of the City to more aggressively use this tool to attract businesses that have expressed interest in moving to the area but may otherwise choose not to locate to Abbeville.