Building & Zoning


Please contact the Zoning Department before any Shed, Carport, or other Permanent Structure is erected or installed on your property.

For questions concerning zoning, please fill out the form below:

Zoning Inquiry Form

Mobile vs. Manufactured vs. Modular Homes

The County of Abbeville Building Department and City Zoning Office provide permits necessary for building construction and provides inspections and plan reviews to ensure compliance to Building Codes in the City of Abbeville. To obtain a building permit, inspection, or to submit plan reviews please visit the Abbeville County Building Department.

Visit Abbeville County Buildings and Codes online.

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Administrator ensures compliance to the City of Abbeville’s Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Administrator reviews zoning request and schedules public hearings, permits signs, reviews plans to ensure compliance to zoning land use regulations, and enforces all provisions in the Zoning Ordinance.

 The Abbeville Zoning Office is located at the Abbeville Fire Department / Police Complex:   

Historic Properties Protection Commission

Only exterior changes are governed by the Historic District Properties Ordinance.  Minor Changes are approved by the City Zoning Administrator, while major changes are required to go before the HPPC.  For more information on what constitutes the difference between a major and minor change, please refer to Section 12 the above ordinance or contact the Zoning Administrator.

The City works to administer City Planning and Development through the adoption of a comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and land development regulations which provide for a framework to:

  • Promote orderly growth
  • Reduce land use conflicts
  • Provide for informed decisions on land use decisions
  • Help prepare for development 

 Planning and Development expands public services and facilities to serve developing areas.